Singlehandedly solve your company's hiring puzzle.

With a quick conversation, find out whether TalentFuel RPO could transform your organization's hiring outcomes while saving you money and time. 

We'll work with you to create custom solutions that help you attract, hire, and keep qualified, culturally aligned employees.

Why TalentFuel RPO?

Having successfully filled hundreds of critical c-suite executive roles over four decades, Cochran, Cochran & Yale combines proven talent acquisition methods with AI sourcing technology and an unmatched network of high-performing talent. With TalentFuel RPO, you get a reliable on-demand talent partner armed with the business advisory experience and data to predict the success of a candidate within your organization and culture. 

Reduce turnover: 87% of our recruits are still in place after 4 years

Access passive talent: 77% of placed executives were unknown to CCY prior to the search in which they were recruited. 

Maximize ROI: Our clients estimate an average 10X return on their recruitment investment in the first year.